Yoga Classes

Are you shying away from yoga because you fear you may suck at it? Well then, we want you in our  classes! 

Come and get in shape while we crack you up and lighten your mood with some good tunes.
We will infuse a combination of flows, balance poses, floor series, and core poses to help you get in shape and strengthen your arms, legs, spine, and core. Need modifications? We got your back, no need to panic! I will get you where you want to be in this beautiful forgiving practice.
Come and have fun! All levels welcome. wantwa

Private Lessons

Private Group Lesson - this is a great option for a group of friends, sports teams looking for a deep stretch, as an employee appreciation event, or simply a friends gathering, as we close the studio just for you and your group!!! Those that workout together, stay together ;) So gather your group and have fun with those close to you.


Private Individual Lesson - Ideal for beginners as we go into each pose slowly, mastering form and techniques. A one-on-one workout experience is a great workout tailored to your body and your needs to meet you exactly where you are at!