Life Coaching


Looking for meaning and purpose to your daily tasks? Wondering what is happening and why? We do things as if we are in autopilot and coaching can help clarify goals, remove obstacles and co-create strategies that empower success and elevate awareness for a more fulfilling life. If you are looking for guidance and meaning but not sure where to start? This is a spiritually uplifting and mentally stimulating comprehensive conversation on why we feel the way we feel, providing a deeper understanding on why we do what we do. Leave with wisdom on how you are connecting to others and gain inspiration and courage to move forward confidently and with joy!


Also, check out packages as you can SAVE big AND research shows that you are more likely to stay commited and hold yourself accountable when purchasing your sessions in advance!


All packages include the Energy Leadership Index Attitudinal Assessment (ELI). Wtih an ELI you gain very specific knowledge about you and how you operate on a regular basis.  Learn how you view the world through filters (based on experiences, values, assumptions, etc.) and how they are influencing the results you are achieving and/or holding you back and how you relate to others!