Plan You Event at Love & Light Reminders

Plan a 2hr event/workshops/party at Love & Light Reminders!


Whether it's for staff, teens, friends, students and/or parents, we can arrange an event for you with the topic of your choice.


From a birthday party combining a yoga class with a coaching topic class, to communication workshops, to relationships and family interactions Laura, founder and owner of Love & Light Reminders, is well diverse and educated in Mental Health and Mindfulness Living.


As a Licensed Master in Social Work, Certified Professional Life Coach, a Certified Yoga Instructor, and a Parenting Coach by training you can trust Laura V. Pons will make an impression.  


Laura keeps it real with lots of humor as she discusses the classic pitfalls in communication, relationships, family dynamics, attitudes, perspectives and anything in between!

Whatever event you have in mind Laura can help.


Call 636.734.2470 to discuss topic of interest and ideas in advance and plan the perfect event/party for you!