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You have a variety of healing arts to choose from.


Whether is with individual or group Life Coaching, Yoga, Guided Meditation, Sound Bath Healing & Meditation, Reiki, Intuitive Reading, Crystals, Spiritual/Fun Workshops, and/or oils we strive to give you an all rounded holistic approach believed to be beneficial to your overall state of mind and consequently to your 

overall quality of life.    


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DISCLAIMER:  Any items purchased at Love & Light Reminders LLC and/or Coaching Sessions should not be substituted for any legal, medical, or any other form of "clinical" advice that you have from a specialist in the field. The ideas, suggestions, and techniques given by any provider at Love & Light Reminders are not to be used in place of sound medical therapies and recommendations. Our facility or treatments do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As a standard disclaimer, you understand that Laura Pons and providers at Love & Light Reminders are not medical doctors and cannot give out medical advice. The crystals and life coaching techniques Laura Pons and providers at Love & Light Reminders work with or crystals or any other items sold at the store they may suggest in to your for spiritual healing or balance should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for your prescribed medical care. The advice you may receive during a session with Laura Pons and/or other providers at Love &Light Reminders is at all times subject to your own interpretation and discernment. No coaching guidance is 100% accurate. Love & Light Reminders LLC and Laura Pons are in no way responsible legally or otherwise for your thoughts, choices, and/or actions based on the content of your purchase and/or coaching session. Medical questions should be sought out by a qualified medical professional. Sessions with Laura Pons and other providers at Love & Light Reminders and Items purchased at Love & Light Reminders LLC are to be considered and used for spiritual growth and as a joyful reminder of such only.